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The TSSAA revealed the contingency plan for the girls' soccer season the Board of Control will vote on in today's meeting.

The TSSAA has finally drafted a contingency plan for the girls’ soccer season in case it can’t start on time.

Under this plan, the regular season for girls’ soccer would be extended by two weeks, and the state tournaments would take place Nov. 11-14.

The TSSAA Board of Control added a vote on the contingency plans for girls’ soccer and for football to the agenda for today’s meeting at Siegel High School in Murfreesboro. While football has had four defined contingency plans since early in July, one had not been defined for girls’ soccer until the board announced the updated agenda Monday evening.

The proposed plan drew a mixed reception locally, with McMinn Central coach Travis Tuggle opposed to it. With several key players on Central’s soccer team also key players for the basketball Chargerettes, shifting the postseason two weeks late could potentially create a conflict between the end of soccer and the start of basketball.

“It’s not an issue at big high schools because you have very few athletes that play both soccer and basketball,” Tuggle said. “But it creates a conflict at a small school like Central because we often have girls who play both sports.”

McMinn County coach Jordan Jacob was more positive about the plan, being at a larger school, and mostly because there finally is a plan to vote on.

“I’m happy with it because I know these girls want a season,” Jacob said. “Creating a plan is much better than cancelling the season at this point.”

The meeting will begin at 2 p.m. EDT today and will stream live on the TSSAA YouTube page. Reclassification plans for the next classification cycle, beginning in the 2021-2022 school year, will also be studied and discussed at the meeting.

Regardless of if the plan gets approved, and regardless of if the season begins as originally scheduled, McMinn already has a rescheduling task ahead, as the Smoky Mountain Cup was cancelled for the fall. The Lady Cherokees were set to play three games at that tournament Aug. 21-23.

“I will try to (reschedule games in place of the Smoky Mountain Cup),” Jacob said. “If the season is moved back, there will be a lot of rescheduling to do.”

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