To the editor,

I am a retired educator and now, a great grandmother.

Since the start of the pandemic, in our communities, we have had to make impossible decisions. Neighbors have had to choose between child care for their kids and their ability to work, choose between paying for doctor visits or putting food on the table, and many other hard choices.

All while the wealthy and big corporations get richer and richer. Even now, our communities are still facing many difficult challenges, challenges that we finally have a real shot at overcoming.

Currently, Congress is also facing a choice. They can either take this historic opportunity to pass the full Build Back Better plan and tax the rich to pay for it or they can continue propping up a rigged economic system that only works for the wealthiest Americans and big corporations instead of people like me.

The Build Back Better plan would create good-paying jobs, improve our schools and help those in our community more easily afford health care coverage and prescriptions. It would mean families could send their kids to preschool and restore some sense of hope that the American Dream is possible.

The time to act on this historic plan is now.

We have seen firsthand how the pandemic has made clear that the wealthy and corporations keep getting richer while everyday Americans struggle. Congress must finally put working Americans and families over the richest 1%.

Our elected officials must choose us. The time is now.


Pamela Weston


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