Lord, for the one who experiences the loyalty I have for You, give them sight.

So, here’s a question: How is it reasonable to denigrate an entire group of people due to their lack of melanin (a pigmentation chemical) when…

Thank you Lord for the awesome and somewhat difficult journey from the milk of your Word to the wisdom of your Word.

I am not letting go of the strength You’ve built in me.

Beautiful, amazing, pure love through Jesus Christ.

Jesus, forgive me for all my sins.

When you have nothing left to give — crawling defeated to the foot of the cross.

Am I a tree waiting for my last small leaf to fall?

You always lift me up

When one lost sheep dies to the brokenness of his sinful life and finally finds his way…

Destiny falls from the sky every now and then.

Help me, Lord, to find my way to Your feet.

At times I have become psychologically overwhelmed with what other human beings think of me and about me.

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