The Community Action Group of Englewood (CAGE) is hosting its seventh annual Dining with the Dead event on Nov. 9.

The dinner will be located at Cochran Cemetery on Highway 39 in Englewood at 5 p.m.

CAGE member Jonathan Lee said one of his favorite additions to the event is food prepared in an iron kettle over an open fire.

“Dining with the Dead has always been effective in transporting the audience back to the time of the Civil War,” Lee said. “That journey back in time now starts as soon as you start through the serving line and receive your dumplings and beef stew that have been simmering over the campfire.”

“It’s an interactive history lesson,” CAGE Chairman Mark Cochran said.

The dinner will involve an introduction about the local Civil War history in the county and will be followed by a ghost tour in the Cochran Cemetery.

Participants in groups will visit the grave sites of seven different civil war veterans. Actors from the Gem Theatre in Etowah will be portraying these veterans.

Gem Players Director LaMone Rose said she has enjoyed working with CAGE to bring the characters of Dining with the Dead to life.

“I have been amazed at the success of Dining with the Dead and I think a lot of credit goes to the phenomenal actors who volunteer their time each year,” Rose said. “Our actors truly connect to each character and take ownership of their stories. That is what enables them to pull the audience in and tell about the incredible adventures of our local heroes.”

The tours are lantern lit as well.

“The scripts are based on the military history of the units, as well as family letters and history on each of the characters,” said Cochran. “You will get the side of Union and Confederate soldiers.”

The finale will entail a Revolutionary War soldier who survived through the Civil War.

This event allows locals to learn more about the veterans of the community who played key roles in the Civil War.

“We have such wonderful, rich stories just arms away,” said Cochran. “We want people to be proud of where they came from and they definitely should be.”

Tickets can be purchased at the Englewood Museum and Etowah Chamber of Commerce for $20.

To reserve tickets, call CAGE at 423-887-5455 or the Etowah Chamber of Commerce at 423-263-2228.

Email cameron.belk

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