Among the goals in 2021 for Decatur Mayor Jeremy Bivens is finding a new water supply for the town.

“As far as the Town of Decatur, we still need to be cautious of the COVID pandemic going on but starting my third year one of my main focuses is finding another water source for the town,” Bivens said. “We have been working over the last year, we even hired an associate out of Knoxville, to come in and evaluate our water system and for other areas of water.”

He noted discussions on finding a new water supply have been going for around eight years.

“Right now my main concern is in the town’s water supply,” he noted. “We are fortunate to have the Eaves Ferry spring and well but we are one good earthquake from not having any water.”

Another reason behind the importance of finding a new water source is the desire to grow the town.

“Having another water source will allow us to go after industries and things like that,” Bivens said. “At this time we are not able to because we don’t have the supply for that, but right now we have three different sites that we are looking at.”

One of the sites is a water plant that Decatur once used in the ’90s.

“I have spoken to the owners and they are open to negotiations to supply water for us,” Bivens expressed.

Aside from the water supply, he hopes to improve several other areas of the town.

“We are always striving to improve our roadways, our culture around the town,” he noted. “We are in the process of really getting through the COVID pandemic. We had to cancel our Downtown Summer Nights in 2020 and we had to cancel our fireworks show.”

The events generally helped provide currency into their general fund, he pointed out.

“Hopefully the vaccine will continue and I encourage everybody to wear a mask to try to stop and prevent this virus,” Bivens expressed. “Hopefully, if the vaccines continue, then mid to late 2021 this will be eliminated and we can go back to some sense of normalcy.”

He noted the town has also looked into doing other things, such as beautification.

Bivens stated that he has tried to keep the town running throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are running as best we can with the scenarios of having to close down our lobby at times, but at the end of the day we all want what is best for Decatur,” he expressed. “The citizens of Decatur are working with us just as well as we can expect.”

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