Tennessee Wesleyan University will be offering the community two options to travel abroad in 2022.

According to a news release from Tennessee Wesleyan University, TWU faculty and staff are planning to lead two trips abroad in May of 2022. TWU alumni, friends, families and community members are invited to travel on these overseas adventures.

The first trip, “Intercultural Studies in Greece,” is scheduled for May 10-18, 2022. Starting in Athens, Greece, travelers will tour the Acropolis, visit the Olympic Stadium and explore the modern city, as well as nearby Cape Sounion.

After a day-long cruise to the Saronic Islands, travelers will have guided tours of Epidaurus, Mycenae, Olympia and Delphi.The trip will be led by Dr. Elizabeth Ruleman, professor of English, and Dr. Sharon Brown, professor of Math.In addition to that, DeLunda “Candy” Maddux, TWU’s director of Career Development and Multicultural Affairs, will lead a trip entitled “The Black Experience: London, Paris, Amsterdam.” Designed to provide insight to the African diaspora, this program offers facilitated discussions and guided learning; with topics such as change and continuity.“The Black Experience” trip runs May 9-20, 2022 and flies out of Chattanooga. Both trips are being organized through EF College Tours. Potential travelers for either trip can enroll for $95. While the trips are considered study abroad, any non-students who would like to attend are welcome without any academic requirement.

EF’s Peace of Mind and COVID-19 programs are intended to ensure that if plans change because of unforeseen circumstances, a traveler’s investment is protected.

“We are very excited to do this because we had planned this for last year but COVID had shot it down,” said Ruleman. “It looks like it is a go for this May and everyone will need to be vaccinated and we will be following protocols.”

Ruleman stated the university is “100%” behind study abroad activities.

“These trips don’t necessarily carry college credit with them, though Sharon Brown and I will offer credit courses if the students who participate want them,” she noted. “We believe this is a great way for students to get their foot in the door travel-wise. This is a very safe trip and we hope this will whet their appetite for more study abroad and help open doors for them in the future.”

Ruleman noted the university believes the trip should be open to anyone who is wanting to learn.

“This is an intercultural experience and I, myself, teach the ancient Greeks every single year and I have been addicted to them forever and I think other people probably too care about Homer, the Odyssey, the Iliad and the other great literary works,” she expressed. “This is the birthplace of the western tradition and I think Greece is a place that a lot of people would like to go but don’t because of the language barrier and other reasons, so I think this is a great way to get the experience safely.”

She noted the university has allowed non-students to participate in abroad trips before.

“We have a great relationship with EF College Tours for a number of years and they are the ones who are sponsoring these trips,” Ruleman said. “They are open to everyone and the university is open to everyone, so we love the idea of welcoming the community to study with us.”

Ruleman stated the total cost of the trip varies for adults versus students, with the current cost for the trip to Greece being $3,640 and the Black Experience trip being more than $4,000, however she did not have an exact amount for that particular trip.

“We welcome any interested people from McMinn County that are interested,” she expressed. “We think it will be a trip that none of us will ever forget.”

More information is available at tnwesleyan.edu or by emailing studyabroad@tnwesleyan.edu

Email shane.duncan@


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