Decatur Summer Nights

After a one-year hiatus due to the coronavirus, Decatur’s Downtown Summer Nights is set to return this year.

After having to cancel last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, officials with the Town of Decatur plan on hosting their Downtown Summer Nights event this year.

Downtown Summer Nights is an annual event held in Decatur that hosts live band performances along with the presentation of food vendors.

According to Decatur City Recorder Laura Smith, the town is currently in the early stages of planning.

“We are working on the funding and dates, so we are not 100% sure on those just yet,” said Smith. “We will have those worked out fairly soon.”

She noted they are also looking at different artists to invite in as well.

“We are very excited because it hurt not being able to have the event last year,” she expressed. “We have been closely watching the estimates on when the majority of the population is eligible for the COVID vaccine and we were really excited see, by June when we plan to start our Downtown Summer Nights, that a large portion of the population will have had access to the vaccine.”

Smith said that was the deciding factor on whether or not they should hold the event.

“We are an outside event and people will have the ability to social distance to the level that they want to,” she noted. “In a normal year people tend to pack together, but due to the amount of space that we have, we believe people will be able to social distance well.”

Smith noted the town has been really proud to be able to bring quality entertainment to the people of Decatur.

“It is giving back to our citizens who have either lived their lives here or are new citizens,” Smith expressed. “This is giving them an opportunity to gather on a beautiful summer night to socialize and be entertained, so we know this is an event that people look forward to and it feels great to bring talent in that our citizens normally wouldn’t get to see without traveling.”

Smith hopes the citizens are ready to go outside and enjoy their summer nights.

“We hope people are excited to spend some weekends in downtown Decatur where we love to see people,” she expressed. “Just be on the lookout for dates and schedules coming soon.”

Concerts have been held as part of Downtown Summer Nights since 2015.

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