The Tennessee Wars Commission has announced the Aug. 16 opening of this year’s grant cycle for the Civil War Sites Preservation Fund (TCWSPF).

The Tennessee Wars Commission is the Tennessee Historical Commission division responsible for preserving the state’s significant military history.

This fund is provided by legislation to the Tennessee Historical Commission who approves and awards TCWSPF grants. The Tennessee Wars Commission administers the application and grant processes.

The Civil War Sites Preservation Fund, begun in 2013, is a key source for matching funds for the acquisition and preservation of properties associated with the 38 most significant Civil War sites in Tennessee. Additionally, grants can assist in funding the acquisition and protection of Underground Railroad sites eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places, or eligible for designation as a National Historic Landmark.

Applicants must be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. This grant will pay a one-to-one, 50% match where the grantee provides the match from a non-state source. Applications are scored, rated and ranked by Tennessee Historical Commission and Tennessee Wars Commission staff members.

The board of the Historical Commission has voting approval of eligible grant projects.

“Since its debut in 2013, approximately $5 million in funding from this program has helped save almost 1,000 acres of threatened Tennessee battlefield lands,” said Tennessee Historical Commission Director Patrick McIntyre. “Last year, over $900,000 in TCWSPF grants were used to preserve approximately 111 acres of battlefield properties. This year, all 175 acres are located directly in battlefield core areas associated with the battles of Shiloh, of Wauhatchie, and Parkers Crossroads,” noted Tennessee Wars Commission Director of Programs Nina Scall.

The deadline for submissions is Oct. 31. The grant application process is digital. Create an account and complete the application at https://tdec.smartsim

For questions regarding the grant process or application procedure, contact Scall via email at

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