Etowah City School officials believe they held a successful summer school program this year.

According to ECS Director Dr. Mike Frazier, there was a large group of students who participated in the summer school program this year.

“Our teachers did a great job in trying to help make it a learning experience and be fun as well,” Frazier said. “They took a couple of field trips and we had a tremendous response from the students who attended who said they would be willing to participate in summer school again, so we are very excited about and looking forward to having it again.”

Frazier noted that ECS currently plans on starting the new school year off as normal as possible.

“Of course anybody that feels that they need to wear a mask we are more than glad to allow that and for those who don’t we are not going to force it,” he noted. “Students will not have to wear a mask at Etowah City.”

The current school schedule has the return date set for Aug. 2 with the following days through Aug. 5 being in-service days.

“The sixth will be another work day and our first full day of school will the ninth,” he stated. “Our first break, from there, should be around Labor Day.”

Frazier expressed his thoughts about have the school year start off as normal as possible.

“We are excited about being able to come back as normal as we can. We are hoping that the CDC won’t come out with new mandates because we feel that we have been keeping the school clean and we continue to clean it for our students,” he noted. “Our floors have been stripped and waxed. As an old adage that people used to say, you can smell it in the air.”

He believes the start of this school year will be “a new beginning” for the school.

“We are looking forward to hopefully having a great year and hopefully a great year for our kids to learn,” he expressed. “We hope that we were able to bridge some of the gaps this summer. We will go the extra step this year to try to have a couple of after school programs as well as a tutorial program as the school year gets started.”

He added that there is always the possibility that things could change between now and the beginning of school, but he doesn’t expect it.

“We are going to be prepared and we are going to be ready. We are looking forward with anticipation of having a good year,” Frazier proclaimed. “We appreciate our parents and our community for supporting us. They have been tremendously supportive during COVID and, given what everybody went through last year, I appreciate all of them. Our parents, faculty and staff, everybody had to put in effort last year and now we need to be back in school and we need that socialization with our kids and just go back to normal as much as possible.”

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