Meigs County Schools have experienced a “smooth” opening semester so far, according to Director of Schools Clint Baker.

Baker believes things have gone well for Meigs County Schools since the start of this school year.

“We have had a really good year so far and we cannot complain,” Baker expressed. “We are back to in-person learning for the most part and it is good to be back to normal, so to speak.”

Baker stated the first two or three weeks of school were rough but things have since leveled out.

“The first two or three weeks we were really concerned, but since that time it has gotten better and better and we have been really good,” he said. “Currently we have three active cases in the system. Before we went to break (Thanksgiving) we were at zero, so coming off of that break and having three makes us grateful.”

He believes that things will be a wait and see situation concerning the COVID-19 virus upon the return from the upcoming Christmas and New Years breaks.

“Hopefully this new variant of the virus won’t be like the last one, like the Delta variant, but we plan to keep moving along because we have no reason at this point to not be optimistic,” Baker stated. “We want to continue to have our students have great attendance and have our teachers and students learn every day in preparation for end of the year tests.”

Baker noted that this year has been better with a more traditional school year.

“Things have been so much better being back to normal with our students and in-person classes,” he expressed. “Good things are happening. Teachers are working really hard and our students are as well.”

Baker expressed his thankfulness to the school community.

“Our teachers and all of our staff, students and parents for their effort trying to combat the learning loss for this last year and a half,” Baker said. “Everybody has pitched in and I’m so thankful for that.”

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