Police got involved at an Etowah funeral home after financial problems were discovered, but officials assured that customers would be unaffected.

After conducting an internal accounting audit, officials with Serenity Funeral Home of Etowah have discovered financial irregularities serious enough that they were reported to the Etowah Police Department.

“Upon my arrival, one of the first orders of business was to conduct an internal audit of the funeral home to review current accounting procedures,” Dave Bowers, vice president of operations and spokesperson for the funeral home, explained. “To my dismay, the results were not what was expected.”

After reviewing the materials presented to them, the Etowah Police

Department opened an investigation into the matter.

Recognizing that there may be families who have concerns about the situation, Bowers noted that no customers would be affected by the discovery.

“The families we serve will not be affected by this unfortunate event. If they have bought a pre-need policy, made a down payment on a funeral service, or any other financial interaction with the funeral home, that interaction is still valid,” Bowers said. “Serenity is the victim in this instance, but we will always protect our families.”

Bowers also clarified that Serenity’s sister funeral home, Serenity Funeral Home of Cleveland, was not affected and families have nothing

to worry about.

Owners of the funeral home have already installed new accounting procedures utilizing best practices and will conduct more frequent internal audits, according to officials. In addition, a new office manager, Shay Moore, has recently joined the company and is available to answer questions.

“We deeply regret this situation and any anxiety we may have caused our families. We would like to offer any family the opportunity for a free consultation to ease their mind,” Bowers stated.

For more information, or to make an appointment for a review, call Moore at (423) 263-6700.

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