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Along with her teaching duties, Brittany Davis also serves as the McMinn County High School FFA advisor. She is shown here (second from right on the front row) in a 2019 photo in that role, accepting a donation from Tennessee Valley Ag Credit.

Brittany Davis has been selected to be McMinn County Schools’ overall system teacher of the year.

She was also selected as the system’s 9th through 12th grade teacher of the year as well.

She currently works as the agriculture teacher at McMinn County Career Technical Education (CTE) Center.

Davis stated that it was humbling being selected to be the teacher of the year.

“There were a lot of other teachers that were nominated from their schools and a lot of great teachers, so overall it was a humbling experience,” Davis said. “I teach with some great teachers and I have great students that make the classroom easy and make teaching a lot easier.”

Davis has worked as a teacher for six years with this being her fifth year working for McMinn County.

“I didn’t decide to be a teacher until I was a senior in high school. Prior to that I wanted to be a veterinarian,” she recalled. “Once I got into high school I became very active in the agricultural program and very active in the FFA (Future Farmers of America) and so, through those experiences, I changed my mind about my career path with the aspiration of wanting to become an agriculture educator.”

She believes the most rewarding part of her job is being able to interact with her students outside of the classroom.

“It is rewarding to see the light click when students understand a concept in the classroom, but being an agriculture teacher, I am also an FFA advisor so a lot of students that I have in class I see outside of the classroom on FFA trips or preparing them for different competitions or events,” stated Davis. “We build a more personal relationship and I think of these students as my own kids. I get to watch them mature and develop leadership skills over the four years that I have them and that is the most rewarding part.”

Davis said she greatly enjoys her position and that it has fostered other interests for her.

“When I was hired by McMinn, I was told that I would be teaching the plant classes so I had to do a lot more research, but over the years I feel like I have developed my knowledge in plant science a lot more than what I started with and now I love working with them,” she said.

Davis graduated from McMinn County High School before attending Tennessee Tech University where she received her bachelor’s degree in Science with a concentration in agriculture.

Her first teaching job after graduation was in Walker County, Georgia, before moving back to McMinn to work at McMinn County High School in 2016.

While working as a teacher she acquired her master’s degree from Murray State University.

Her hobbies include to “anything to do outside” such as hiking, kayaking, fishing, reading and spending time with family.

“I’m very close with my family, I am very close to my church family at Watts Bar, and I am also a youth leader there,” she noted. “Overall that is what consumes my life outside of my job — my hobbies, family and church.”

Her immediate family consists of her husband, Jesse Davis, whom she married in 2014.

Davis expressed her gratitude to everyone in her life for helping her make it this far.

“Thank you to all of my coworkers that I teach with, all of my students that I have in the classroom. They make this job easier and make it feel like less of a job when coming to work every day,” Davis expressed. “I have had a chance to grow along with my students and I just want to say thank you. It is because of all of their hard work that allowed me to be nominated for Teacher of the Year.”

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