The City of Etowah is currently looking for a new permanent chief of police for the Etowah Police Department.

According to Etowah City Manager Russ Blair, the position of police chief became available after former Chief Daniel Hampton resigned from the position.

“Hampton tendered his resignation around three weeks ago and did work out a two week notice, so his last day with the department was on the 12th,” Blair said. “I think he was looking for different opportunities for himself and we appreciate his service to the City of Etowah and the citizens of the town. We wish him the best in his future endeavors.”

EPD Captain Tonya Norwood has been named interim chief of police for the department while the city accepts applications for the position.

“The job has been posted on the city website, The DPA and some other media, so we are now accepting applications,” Blair noted. “Norwood has experience being a chief of police and she is a senior officer in the department as captain. She is currently the school resource officer at Etowah City school and based on her seniority status and previous experience she was a great candidate who was willing to step up and serve during this transition.”

Blair stated the city does not currently have a set date to find a new chief of police by.

“We are going to methodically go through the process and consider all of the applicants,” he said. “We will decide who we want to interview after reviewing them all and that could take a few weeks or longer, but we want to take our time and make the right hire.”

After considerable recent turnover in the position, Blair is hoping this will be a more permanent choice.

“We are looking for a long term solution and we are hoping to stabilize the department,” Blair expressed. “We are looking for a candidate who can be a leader. We have great officers and we are proud of our department and we want to do right by our department, so we are going to do everything within our abilities to make a good hire for police chief.”

This will be the fourth chief the department has had since last year.

In February of 2020, then-Chief Eric Armstrong was fired due to charges being filed against him for an alleged domestic incident. His replacement, Jim Shaw, served as chief until December of 2020, when he decided to retire.

Hampton was the interim chief while Shaw was on medical leave and he was promoted at that time to the permanent role.

Now, there is another vacancy at the top spot in the department.

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