The inaugural Fifth Friday Event was held in Downtown Athens Friday night, as a way to celebrate the people coming back together as the COVID-19 pandemic recedes.

Athens Main Street Director Lisa Dotson believes the event held on Friday was successful.

“The weather was beautiful and I think people were ready to get outside and do something,” Dotson said. “Everybody that I have talked to, between the people who were downtown shopping to the businesses and food vendors, also felt like it was a successful day.”

Dotson stated they weren’t sure how many people would arrive to the event due to customs the public had to adopt throughout the year long pandemic.

“We took a chance and it was good,” she stated. “Our intent was to make this a street fair and not really a festival ... We hope to keep this going every fifth Friday, with our next being July 30. The goal is for our businesses to be impacted in a positive way and support our food trucks and local entrepreneurs that don’t have a store.”

The plan for the next Fifth Friday fair is to host it at a different location with the current focus being on Washington Avenue and Jackson Street.

“We hope the businesses there will be impacted positively,” she noted. “We will provide different entertainment and will probably use Pocket Park for something as well.”

Friday's theme for this past weekend’s fair was “Spring Fling,” while the next fair will be themed “Back To School Bash.”

Dotson thanked everyone who participated in the event.

“Twenty businesses supported this effort and pooled their money together to come up with a $500 shopping spree for someone and the winner will be selected next week. The winner will be contacted directly,” Dotson said. “I would love to thank the artists and musicians as well and we would like to thank the Anchor Club for sponsoring the activities for the kids.”

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