Etowah City School Director Dr. Mike Frazier believes everything is going well with school being back in session.

He has stated that the school has already encountered a case, but they managed to get it under control and handle the situation.

“The key is that we understand that it is like the flu or anything else and that it is going to happen,” Fraizer said. “Not everybody is going to get it, but we are doing the best we can to follow the CDC guidelines and protocols and I think it is working.”

He believes cases are going to happen despite any efforts taken against the coronavirus.

“For example you can take a flu shot but that doesn’t mean that you will not get the flu,” stated Frazier. “We are going to follow protocol and do everything we can to try and prevent it. (Yesterday) we had what we call discretionary day from the superintendent where the teachers will be coming into the school but the students will not.”

That day was to help students and teachers “stay in practice” with virtual learning as well as learn to fix any problems the students, teachers or parents may encounter with the computers.

“We used that day to work on our virtual presence and allow us time to work on anything that may need corrected,” he explained.

Frazier believes the school’s reopening plans are working better than he anticipated.

“We are in uncharted waters ... It is all new to everybody and it has been a learning experience for all of us but we went into it hoping, trusting and believing that the protocols that we follow will work and they have,” Frazier said. “I am excited that things have gone as well as they have and I can’t say enough about our teachers because they have done a marvelous job trying to be prepared to teach the students in school as well as virtual lessons. Our teachers, administration and supervisors have done a great job in trying to begin the year and I have been very pleased to this point and I can only pray that it will only get better as we go.”

He believes COVID has taught the school several lessons.

“We have learned to be more flexible than we have ever been. We learned to expect the unexpected and we have learned to begin every day staying focused on being positive as well as why we are there, which is for the students,” he expressed. “If we stay focused on the most important part, our students, then we are going to be OK. That is where we are right now and I am very elated with our efforts and in what our teachers have done.”

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