Tennessee Wesleyan University provided COVID-19 tests for their students in the gym Tuesday.

The testing performed was a saline solution where the students would swish and gargle the solution before spitting the solution into a vial for testing.

According to TWU Vice President of Student Life Dr. Scott Mashburn, the results from the saline tests are “pretty comparable” to the swab test. TWU used RxGenomix for the tests and Kailos Genetics is the lab that processed the tests.

“We went with this particular company to provide the tests due to the costs, turn around time for the test results and the amount of test availability,” Mashburn said. “We purchased these tests back in October to November and this company fit our needs.”

Last week, the campus officials tested students in their nursing program along with students who focused on Occupational Therapy.

“Last week we also tested our athletes, international students and some of our staff that was back early,” Mashburn stated. “Our anticipation is that (today) we will make the tests available for the commuters.”

According to Mashburn, the school is utilizing all of its health care allies along with health care students who are interning to help during the COVID-19 testing.

Some students have been exempt from having to take a COVID-19 test.

“If anyone has tested positive in the last 90 days, the CDC has recommended that we do not re-test them,” Mashburn noted. “In some situations we have had students supply their own test results, because some international students had results from their travels so they were exempt from their testing today.”

Mashburn added that this is part of the university’s ongoing efforts to keep students attending in person.

“The hope is, after (Wednesday), that we will have provided an opportunity for all of our in-seat students to have been tested,” he stated. “It is important that we continue to wear masks and social distance. Last year we were able to remain in-seat and that was the result of our entire campus coming together and it is our expectation that we will be able to do that this semester also.”

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