The Tennessee Department of Health has released its latest statistics related to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

As of 3 p.m. Wednesday, Tennessee reported 1,244,366 total cases (+3,162), 34,577 of them active, and 15,446 total fatalities (+42) with 10,002,825 total tests (+17,619) completed.

Statewide, there were 2,085 cases (-65) currently hospitalized as of Wednesday, Oct. 6.

McMinn County has reported 10,189 total cases, which is an increase of 21 cases over the previous update.

There are currently 219 active cases as well, which is down 14, out of 62,377 total tests, which is up by 39.

There have been 120 fatalities reported, no change since the previous update.

Meigs County has reported 2,117 total cases, an increase of six over the previous update.

There are currently 48 active cases as well, which is down three, out of 12,239 total tests, which went up by three.

There have been 27 fatalities reported, which is no change from the previous update.

McMinn borders the following counties: Monroe (219 active cases); Loudon (219); Bradley (456); Meigs (48) and Polk (96).

Meigs shares a border with the following counties: Roane (344 active cases); Hamilton (1,276); Bradley (456); McMinn (219) and Rhea (205).

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