Riceville Elementary School celebrated its eighth grade graduation with a drive-in style radio broadcast ceremony.

Following the ceremony, cars exited as teachers handed out awards and certificates. The awards were as follows:

• Valedictorians: Zachary Hilario, Katie Elliott and Aubrey Gonzalez

• A/B Honor Roll for the school year: Kelsey Eaton, Chase Clute, Levi Underdown, Miranda Colloms, Paisley Bryant, Tucker Swafford, Sam Torbett, Regan Warner, Hannah DeSherlia, Kaylie Rogers, Whitney Buff, Jacob Whaley, Lexie Myers, Simon Mullis, Devin Singleton, Mahayla Koob, Madison Stouder, Malan Barber, Riley Owen, Makaylee Torbett and Oliver Hoffman

• Star Honor Roll for the school year: Katie Elliott, Aubrey Gonzalez, Zachary Hilario, Patrick Ballinger, Keegan Wilson, Eli Patton, Ariah Hudson and Jaylan Witt

• Perfect Attendance for the school year: Malan Barber, Kim Chrisman, Ariah Hudson, Lexie Myers, Madison Stouder, Katie Elliott, Nic Giles, Alex McGrew, Kaylie Rogers and Keegan Wilson

• Physical Education Awards: Malan Barber, Hannah DeSherlia, Sarah Edmonson, Katie Elliott, Aubrey Gonzalez, Ariah Hudson, Chelsee Jones, Alexia Morrow, Lexie Myers, Regan Warner, Chase Clute, Albert Frometa-Munoz, Nic Giles, Mason Glenn, Zachary Hilario, Simon Mullis, Riley Owen, Eli Patton, Bryson Price, Tucker Swafford, Nicholas Vincent and Jaylan Witt

• Library Helper Awards: Patrick Ballinger, Joseph Clark, Chloe Hibbard, Mahayla Koob, Xiu Xiu Robinson, Devin Singleton and Levi Underdown

• AR Millionaire Awards: Malan Barber, Sarah Edmonson, Katie Elliott, Oliver Hoffman, Mahayla Koob, Lexie Myers, Kaylie Rogers and Logan Ellison (who achieved over two million words)

• Art Awards: Kim Chrisman and Jaylan Witt

• Music Awards: Chelsee Jones and Nicholas Vincent

• English Award: Sarah Edmonson

• History Award: Keegan Wilson

• Science Award: Patrick Ballinger

• Math Award: Katie Elliott

• Algebra Award: Aubrey Gonzalez

• Overall Most Improved Awards: Madison Stouder and Simon Mullis

• Pervice Hardaway Award: Eli Patton and Aubrey Gonzalez

• Mr. and Miss RES: Tucker Swafford and Ariah Hudson

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