Former Meigs County Tiger Nicholas Adcock is currently a fueler with the United States Army. He is based in South Korea.

CAMP HUMPHREYS, South Korea — Former Tiger Nicholas Adcock is a world away from Decatur.

Adcock, now 19, kicked for the Meigs County football team in 2018. A senior transfer from Mississippi, he was one of nine Tigers on the All-Region 2-2A team that year.

Now Adcock is in the United States Army as a petroleum supply specialist (fueler) for the 339th Quarter Master Company at Camp Humphreys in South Korea.

“I started thinking about the military when I was a junior in high school down in Wesson, Mississippi,” Adcock said in a Facebook Messenger interview. “I realized that I wasn’t ready to go to college and I couldn’t afford it, so I joined the Army to get a trade and also have my school paid for when I was ready to attend.”

But until that day comes Adcock is in the Army and where he is currently stationed may raise concerns on two fronts.

First, the coronavirus (COVID-19) currently sweeping around the globe began in nearby China. The virus has infected over 9,000 in South Korea and killed 120.

Adcock said the Army is keeping soldiers on post. It is also checking everyone’s temperatures and asking medical questions of everybody who enters the post. While he is not that concerned about getting the virus himself, he does have concerns about his family and that of his wife, Skyler Elise Adcock.

“I personally am not worried at all,” Adcock said. “I believe we should take precautions, but it isn’t as bad a virus as the media is making it out to be… I am more worried about the elders in mine and my wife’s families.”

The other area of concern is the fact that communist North Korea and democratic South Korea have only an armistice and are technically at war.

The Korean border, called the Korean Demilitarized Zone, is one of the most heavily guarded borders in the world. North Korea has tested missiles recently, which puts the area on edge.

“It’s a very high alert for everyone here considering the war between North and South Korea hasn’t (officially) ended,” Adcock said.

But other than those couple of concerns Adcock is adjusting to Army life.

“I expected it to be a lot harder than it is, but in all reality it’s just a 9-5 job and after work I’m free to be myself and hang out with friends or go to the gym,” Adcock said.

Of course, living in another country also presents its own set of challenges.

“I guess the main difference about being here in another country is that you have to abide by their rules and their culture,” Adcock said. “You really have to pay attention to your surroundings all the time and try to respect them and their county and the place they call home. It’s a very crowded country and you can get lost very easily if you aren’t familiar with the area or have a map.”

While Army life hasn’t been too difficult, Adcock doesn’t want to make the Army his career. Right now, he is looking forward to getting back to the States.

“I plan to come back home in the summer around June or July,” Adcock said. “I am more than excited to touch down in America again. I (am looking forward) to being able to drive home and visit my hometowns more often.”

Adcock moved from Wesson, Mississippi to Decatur. Since Meigs County High School doesn’t have a soccer team, he played football and became the starting placekicker.

Adcock enjoyed his time as a Tiger.

“I met some lifelong friends and family,” Adcock said. “I really do miss Decatur and sometimes I wish I wouldn’t have joined the Army and I would have just stayed home and went to college anyway, but I know God has a plan for my future and I’m just trying to walk down that path He is trying to lead me on.”

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