Local cleaning chemical manufacturer Midlab has announced that one of its products has been approved to help fight the coronavirus pandemic.

The company’s one-step, peroxide-based cleaner and disinfectant, Facility+ by Maxim, has officially been approved by the EPA to be effective against SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) in one minute.

To enhance safety during viral outbreaks like COVID-19, Midlab sought the addition of this one-minute kill claim for easier, faster disinfection.

Faster disinfection can aid in several areas, including:

• Schools

• Healthcare

• Restaurants/Institutional Food Service

• Hotels/Tourism

• Religious/Service/Community Centers

• Retail/Office Complexes

“Not only is this one-minute kill time beneficial for restaurant staff, healthcare employees and cleaning crews in a wide variety of industries, it’s extremely valuable for schools reopening in the fall,” Midlab President and CEO Matt Schenk said. “Facility+ will help teachers and school administrators keep students safer and healthier without having to spend hours disinfecting desks, chairs and other common touch points every day.

“The health and safety of our customers and community is extremely important to us. We started by providing a free COVID-19 Learning Center full of printable facility safety aids,” Midlab COO Matt Johnston added. “Then, we sought a one-minute kill claim for Facility+ to ensure user confidence. Now, we’re working on a ready-to-use version of Facility+ and some new retail products, which is a first for us and will help keep communities that much safer.”

To view all safety resources or access additional information on proper disinfection, visit COVID-19 Learning Center at https://www.midlab.com/disinfec tion-virus-prevention/

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