September is Attendance Awareness Month.

As we all know, this is a very unique school year with students attending in person and virtually for instruction. We are dedicated to make this school year a great year of learning for every student.

Our motto is Strive to Arrive each day, so your child does not get behind in class, homework and activities at their school. Attendance is important for all; we encourage our students to set those good attendance habits now which will lead to good attendance into the workplace.

This is a unique school year, but regardless of being virtual or in person we are striving for excellence for every student at Athens City Schools!

PBS Teaching Tennessee is now available on all six Tennessee PBS stations weekdays from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., throughout the fall semester. For the month of September and beginning of October, it will feature instructional content on ELA and math for 1st-4th grades.

Visit the following website for complete schedule:

A quick reminder that if you have not completed the Census 2020, please do so soon. The deadline to complete is Sept. 30. The census brings critical federal resources back to Tennessee communities to support services we all use. Make sure your family is accounted for at

Let’s all continue to do our part to slow the spread of COVID-19 virus by wearing a face covering, washing our hands with soap and water, and practicing social distancing.

Please be sure to visit, ACS Facebook, Twitter, or Instragram to follow the latest news and updates from our school district.

Have a great week and weekend and remember to stay healthy, safe, and active!

Julie Lofland is the Family Engagement Coordinator for Athens City Schools and may be reached by emailing

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