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Call Athens Utilities Board
Division Of Gas - 745-4501 - Promptly!!

Nothing smells quite like natural gas - and that enables you
to detect any gas that is escaping. Natural gas is odorless in
its natural state. We add an odorant, similar to rotten eggs,
to natural gas for your safety. IF YOU EVER SMELL THIS
ODOR, call us right away. We will investigate the problem
Gas leakage may occur from faulty appliances, loose connections, service lines inside or outside your home, or from
gas mains. Leaks can be dangerous and should be dealt
with promptly.
Gas is a marvelous servant, when conserved and used
properly. Whether you use it for cooking, to heat water, dry
clothes, or heat your house, natural gas is dependable.
Natural gas has a safety record that is outstanding. We work
constantly to keep it that way.
If you smell gas:
• Call Athens Utilities Board - Division of Gas - 745-4501
• If odor is very strong and you are indoors, open windows
and doors to ventilate. Go outside. Call us from a
neighbor’s house.
• Do not turn any electrical switches on or off.
• Do not light matches, smoke cigarettes or create any
sources of combustion.

Athens Utilities Board
Division Of Gas - Emergency Phone 745-4501
24 Hours A Day


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