The City of Niota recently held a successful new event, Tea at the Depot and is currently making plans for next year.

According to Niota City Recorder Jeannie Anderson, roughly 35 guests attended the ticketed event.

"It was beautiful and we had wonderful teas and great food," Anderson expressed. "We have received numerous great reviews of people saying they are coming back next year and want to bring their family and friends. We really couldn't have asked for it to be a better success."

Anderson believes the attendees were impressed with the atmosphere and experience of the event.

"Next year we are planning to do another tea around mothers day," She stated. "We would like to invite all of the ladies. We will be selling tickets again and all of the money that will be gathered from that event will go to maintenance of the Depot."

According to Anderson, some of the feedback they had received from the event consisted of 1 lady from Nashville stating that she would be back next year and felt that everything was "perfect", others stating they would like to reserve tables next year for their friends, and more.

"That was gist of the feedback that we received," She expressed. "They were blown away by the quality of everything. The Tea, the food, and the atmosphere. They just loved it."

While the city doesn't have a particular number for the amount of tickets that will be available for next year, Anderson recommends for interested parties to purchase their tickets early upon them becoming available.

"I would love to see this event become bigger and better," Anderson said. "We are excited to see that this was a successful event. We feel that the feedback that we received that we are set on a path to success for this event becoming much bigger and better each year."

Following that event which recently ended The City of Niota will be hosting a 4th of July event on July 2nd for their community.

According to Anderson The event will be held from 10am until 5pm.

"This is for the citizens of Niota to come out and have a good time," Anderson said. "We are looking at making this like an old fashioned 4th of July event."

The city decided to host the event on the 2nd of July in an attempt to not compete with any other cities for festivities.

"We are ending at 5pm so people can go wherever they would like to see fireworks but what we are offering is a step back in time and be able to play old fashioned games like horse shoes and cornhole, tug-o-war, sack races, live music, and more," She stated. "The city will be supplying hamburger and hotdog combos and we are asking people to bring sides if they would like and have a picnic on the ground while enjoying music and some old fashioned games."

The event will be held on Main Street focusing on the field near the Niota Depot.

"This will be our first year doing this and the main reason was to give the citizens of Niota a place to go and have a good time for the 4th," Anderson said. "We hope they will have a good old fashioned 4th of July with their family."

The city of Niota is "very excited" to be able to bring another event to the citizens of Niota.

"The mayor works hard to keep a tight-knit community where people can have fun and have a safe place for people to enjoy themselves," She said. "We are hoping this will be a really successful event and that we can see this grow. All of the proceeds that are gathered from the food sales will go into sponsoring other events to the city so that we can keep providing events for the city. We welcome everyone and want everyone to have a good time."

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