In this week’s edition of Sound Off Online, a reader expressed his disagreement with the proposed school consolidation in Athens. If you would like to sound off, you can check out the tab on the homepage of or deliver your sound off at our office at 320 S. Jackson Street in Athens. The following is the sound off received this week:

Athens School Board and the (Athens City) Council wanted everyone to think the tax increase was for "the children" in the way of building a monument to themselves. School consolidation that will most likely have a bronze plaque with all their names emblazoned for history!

Now the truth comes out that barely one third of anticipated revenues will be earmarked for debt service of the proposed monument. True political hype at work to cover up waste of funds by the millennials trying to make a modern environment out of our humble, small, wonderful hometown.

Vote down the tax increase. More to come from me, local Joe, next week as to the school situation solution.

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