In this week’s edition of Sound Off Online, readers discussed discipline in schools and The DPA’s change in number of print days. If you would like to sound off, you can check out the tab on the homepage of or deliver your sound off at our office at 320 S. Jackson Street in Athens. The following are the sound offs received this week:

I would welcome the opportunity for school vouchers vs. sending children to the county high schools.

As if a child is not punished enough by the school, they go one more step and send the child to juvenile court, six months probation on their record, pay $64 court costs and $50 smoking class. This is a travesty and causes deep resentment for the parents as well as the child with a legal record.

DPA, please report on the number of children from both high schools that have been sent to court for tobacco products just this year and why our county school board can’t do a better job regarding rules for school than these children picking up a juvenile record.

Are we going to see a reduction in charges since we only get three papers a week now?

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