Shelley Griffith

Shelley Griffith

February 2019 will hit the weather record books as one of the wettest ever. The continuous downpours in our area were unmerciful and dangerous with regard to flooding situations.

I have not really paid attention to flood terminology over the years.

However, after watching the evening weather reports, decided it was time to learn some of it.

A flood by definition “occurs when waters overflow land that is normally dry.

It most commonly happens when rivers or streams overrun their banks.”

The main types of floods, according to numerous sources, include: “flash,” the most lethal because of the suddenness of the event; “riverine,” related to rivers or streams; “areal,” gradual onset without any particular overflows on flat land; and “estuarine” or coastal that can be the result of wind events such as hurricanes, cyclones or monsoons.

Urban flooding occurs when man-made structures burst, such as pipelines, sewers, etc.

Any flood that results in significant property damage or loss of human life is considered “catastrophic,” such as one would see from tsunamis.

It also dawned on me that our local Society for the Meaningless Activity of Recalling Trivia (SMART) hasn’t met in over a year.

What better time to convene again than currently with the obvious topic of rainfall.

Our president, Susan Buttram, and our vice-president, Beth Mercer, have instructed me as the recording secretary to compile a list of “rainsongs” for your trivial pleasure.

The answers are at the end of the column, so don’t peek, or you might get another three inches of rain in your yard.

Select the performer(s) for the following songs and have a nice, sunny day.

1) “Here Comes the Rain” a) ABBA b) Eurhtymics c) Coldplay

2) “I Made It Through the Rain” a) Prince b) Bruno Mars c) Barry Manilow

3) “I Love a Rainy Night” a) Glen Campbell b) John Denver c) Eddie Rabbit

4) “Rainy Days and Mondays” a) Carpenters b) Mamas and Papas c) Peter, Paul, and Mary

5) “Rhythm of the Rain” a) Booker T and the MGs b) Rolling Stones c) The Cascades

6) “Who’ll Stop the Rain” a) Everly Brothers b) The Animals c) Creedence Clearwater Revival

7) “It Never Rains in Southern California” a) Jan and Dean b) Albert Hammond c) Beach Boys

8) “Rainy Day Woman” a) Willie Nelson b) Waylon Jennings c) George Jones

9) “Smoky Mountain Rain” a) Con Hunley b) Ronnie Milsap c) Johnny Cash

10) “Alabama Rain” a) Jim Croce b) Alabama c) Dusty Springfield

11) “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head” a) Christopher Cross b) Merle Haggard c) B.J. Thomas (Give yourself five bonus points if you can name the movie it was featured in)

12) “Early Morning Rain” a) John Denver b) Gordon Lightfoot c) Neil Diamond

13) “Don’t Rain on My Parade” a) Barbra Streisand b) Bette Midler c) Lena Horne

14) “Rainy Night in Georgia” a) Willie Nelson b) Conway Twitty c) Brook Benton

15) “Kentucky Rain” a) Buddy Holly b) Neil Diamond c) The Who

If you scored 11-15 correct you will get a year’s free membership in SMART, two free passes to the Wetlands Celebration and two free ice creams at the Mayfield Visitor Center.

If you scored 8-10, that is good and you will get a six pack of sparkling water from Food City.

Alas, if you scored less than eight, which is fair to poor, you need a four-week course, at your expense, in “musical lyricism” so you can learn 100 words that rhyme with rain. Better luck next time.

Answers: 1) b; 2) c: 3) c: 4) a; 5) c; 6) c; 7) b; 8) b; 9) b; 10) a; 11) c (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid); 12) b; 13) a; 14) c; 15) b

Dr. Shelley Griffith is a retired Athens physician who writes this column for The DPA.

Dr. Shelley Griffith is a retired Athens physician who writes this column for The DPA.

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