The All McMinn Modern Professionals (AMMP) group has released the official AMMP scholarship application for graduating seniors of McMinn County and McMinn Central high schools.

AMMP, founded in 2017 to connect young professionals across the community, will award two graduating high school students, one from McMinn County and one from Central, with a competitive scholarship in the amount of $250 each.

“The AMMP Community Involvement Committee truly enjoyed reading through scholarship applications last year and had the pleasure of meeting both 2018 scholarship recipients. The two students are doing very well with their studies a year later,” AMMP President Brianna Hanson said.

The applicants must be enrolling in a two or four year accredited college or university with an attached acceptance letter to the school included with the application form.

The scholarship applications include an essay question: describe how you plan to impact your community after college and how your education can achieve that.

Criteria also states applicants must have a GPA of 3.0 or greater with attached verification to the form from their respective high school.

“AMMP’s goal with offering two competitive scholarships to local graduating seniors is to support their efforts in impacting their communities at a young age. As a group working to do the same thing, we’re directing our efforts to attract young professionals to our community in every possible way,” stated Hanson.

Scholarship applications can be picked up by students in the guidance offices of McMinn County and Central High Schools with the return directions included on the form and a return date of April 25.

AMMP exists to promote and develop the common good and social welfare of residents in McMinn County by attracting, developing, and retaining young professionals through civic volunteerism, social engagement, regional networking, professional development, and talent recognition.

Membership is open to anyone 21-40 years of age who lives or works in McMinn County. The organization seeks to amplify the impact that the next generation has on our community.

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