A road project that stalled last year on Highway 305 was planned to start back up again.

In November, Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) officials announced that the paving project on Highway 305 from west of Highway 11 to west of Interstate 75 would be delayed indefinitely.

Late last week, TDOT officials announced that the project was expected to restart Wednesday.

“The contractor will start work on Wednesday morning, weather permitting, and work 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday-Saturday until they complete the project,” TDOT Region 2 Community Relations Officer Jennifer Flynn said. “While they are working, they will have one lane closed and flaggers to assist with traffic control. They hope to get the project completed by the end of April.”

The project is 2.14 miles in length and is a $1.35 million contract being run by Rogers Group, Inc.

In November, TDOT officials noted that they were trying something new with this project.

“The current project on SR-305 is the first of its kind being done by the Tennessee Department of Transportation,” Flynn said at the time. “This pilot project utilizes full depth reclamation (FDR) to reinforce and stabilize the failing roadway base ‘in place’ instead of the conventional method that would totally remove and replace this material. The reclaimed base is then supposed to be covered with a new asphalt pavement surface.”

At the time, TDOT officials noted that the project had been delayed due to the new type of paving not working as expected.

“Unfortunately, this specialized treatment process has not progressed as it was intended on this project,” Flynn said at the time.With winter weather fast approaching, the decision was made to create a temporary fix and finish the project in the spring, according to Flynn.

That time appears to be now.

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