EK Baker cheerleaders

The E.K. Baker cheerleaders recently had the opportunity to perform at a Memphis Grizzlies NBA game. They are (standing, from left) Gaby Hernandez, Paige Gable, Caitlyn Smith, Molly Cooley, Gabby Rodriguez, Ms. Bohannon, Madison Finley, Serenity Lillard, Emilee Martin, Alexa Ownsby, Emma Cate, Sarah Billings, (front row, from left) Mia Suarez, Kassie Hall, Katie Taylor, Mrs. Barber and Mrs. Billings.

Our entire E.K. Baker cheerleading squad had an experience of a lifetime.

As Cheerleaders of America, we performed with over 140 cheerleaders and dancers from Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Missouri and Arkansas at the halftime show of a Memphis Grizzlies game.

For us, it was overwhelming not only performing for a crowd of over 18,000 people in the Fed Ex Forum, but to know our performance was also on national television. We were excited, nervous and scared, but overall, we were proud to represent our little school in the big city of Memphis.

When we discovered the adventure that was ahead of us, we worked the hardest we had ever worked to be the best we could possibly be. We persevered through sweat and tears to put on the best performance this cheer season.

Through this experience we relied on teamwork and our loving coaches, Mrs. Barber and Mrs. Billings. They gave us support and courage the entire way.

It was finally time to head to Memphis. After we arrived at our hotel, we headed off to explore the big city.

First, we went to the restaurant Rendezvous and enjoyed a five-star meal. Then, we headed off to Beale Street to see the lights and buy some unique souvenirs. Finally, tired and freezing, we headed back to the hotel for some rest before our big day.

With our biggest supporters, our coaches, our parents and our principal, we were ready to show everyone what this little team from Athens could bring. When we arrived inside the Fed Ex Forum, our hearts skipped a beat and our nerves started to loosen into excitement.

After rehearsal, we could hardly wait for the big performance. We got into our lines and waited for our big shot. We knew we had it and, in the end, we did. We rocked the court and proved that we were among the best.

More than anything, we would like to thank everyone who worked so hard and helped make this dream come true! This was an experience none of us will ever forget.

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