NOTICE OF FORECLOSURE AND SALE Default having been made in the payment of installments due on the note from JOHN A. MYERS, payable to Athens Federal Community Bank, N.A., now known as CapStar Bank, which note is secured by a certain Deed of Trust referenced herein, dated the 20th day of January, 2016, executed by JOHN A. MYERS and of record in the Register's Office of McMinn County, Tennessee in Trust Book 1087, Pages 388-392, to which reference is hereby made, and the holder of the note in question having declared all debt, principal, interest, and attorney's fees, immediately due and payable, notice is hereby given that on the 27th day of September, 2019, at 10:30 a.m. at the front door of the Courthouse for McMinn County, Tennessee, at Athens, Tennessee, the undersigned Trustee, on behalf of CapStar Bank, successor by merger to Athens Federal Community Bank, N.A., the holder of the note in question, will sell for cash, to the highest bidder, and in bar of the equity of redemption and the statutory right of redemption, the following described premises: SITUATED in the Second Civil District of McMinn County, Tennessee, the same being a lot lying on the North side of Clearwater Road, being bounded on the North and West by other property of Ricky Pryor, on the East by Jess Coffey and being described as follows: BEGINNING at an iron pin in the Southeast corner of the within described property, at the Southwest corner of the land of Jess Coffey, and in the North line of Clearwater Road; FROM THE POINT OF BEGINNING, North 89 degrees 38 minutes West 100 feet along the North line of Clearwater Road to an iron pin; thence along a severance line with Pryor, North 18 degrees 11 minutes East 200 feet to an iron pin; thence along a severance line with Pryor, South 89 degrees 38 minutes East 100 feet to an iron pin in the land of Jess Coffey; thence along a common dividing line with Coffey, South 18 degrees 11 minutes West 200 feet to the iron pin at the POINT OF BEGINNING, according to the survey of Rex T. Ball, bearing date of December 11, 1980, Drawing #09F104. This conveyance is made SUBJECT to the setback lines, drainage and/or utility easements, restrictions, conditions, and limitations, if any, as depicted and/or noted on the survey by Rex T. Ball, dated December 11, 1980, and being Drawing #09F104. BEING the same property conveyed to John A. Myers by Warranty Deed from Melba June Swallows, of record in the Registers Office for McMinn County, Tennessee, in Deed Book 20-Q, Pages 45-46. PROPERTY ADDRESS: 772 County Road 172, Athens, TN 37303. SUBORDINATE LIEN HOLDERS TO WHOM NOTICE OF THIS FORECLOSURE SALE HAS BEEN GIVEN: Not applicable. OTHER INTERESTED PARTIES IN REAL PROPERTY TO WHOM NOTICE OF THIS FORECLOSURE SALE HAS BEEN GIVEN: Not applicable. No warranties are made as to the merchantability of title of said real property, which property is being sold, where is, as is, subject to all restrictions, easements, governmental zoning or regulations, subdivision ordinances or regulations in effect with respect to the property, unpaid property taxes, assessments and all superior encumbrances and liens, if any, whether of record or not. The Trustee herein makes no representations or warranties as to status of title or description of this property. Should the highest bidder fail to comply with the terms of the bid at the public sale, then the Trustee shall have the option of accepting the second highest bid, or the next highest bid with which the buyer is able to comply. The Trustee will make a deed to the purchaser on the day of sale, and the premises will be sold subject to any unpaid taxes, other than those tax encumbrances which are divested by nonjudicial sale, further, the premises will be sold subject to any and all other restrictions, encumbrances and any governmental zoning or regulations and subdivision ordinances or regulations in effect with respect to the property. The sale held pursuant to this Notice may be rescinded at the Trustees option at any time. The right is reserved to adjourn the day of the sale to another day, time and place certain without further publication, upon announcement at the time and place for the sale set forth above, from time to time, as needed at the sole discretion of the Trustee. This communication is an attempt to collect a debt and any information collected or garnered hereby or as a result hereby may be used for purposes of collecting the debt. This the 3rd day of September, 2019. BRIDGET J. WILLHITE, Trustee Insert:September 6, 2019, September 13, 2019, & September 20, 2019


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